UR KIDS Mission—To learn God’s Word within an organized, creative community


BBBBible Before Breakfast: Sunday 9:30am

(The Gospel Project Bible verse as a family and breakfast for your children) 


UR KIDS Sunday Worship—10:30am with The Gospel Project focus

         Infants – Newborn to Walking

         Toddlers – 2’s

         Preschool – 3’s—Pre-K

         Elementary – K-2nd and 3rd—5th Grades


UR KIDS Club—Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 pm


UR KIDS Servant Leadership Development—In support with/of family, bringing each child to a personal relationship with Jesus, growing in the grace and knowledge as a disciple of Christ, a willing servant of the Lord to others, and a potential leader in advancing God’s Kingdom.


Scripture—"Jesus grew in wisdom (mental with fear of the Lord) and in stature (physical) and in favor with God (spiritual) and all the people (relational).” Luke 2:52 (NLT)



  BBB (Bible Before Breakfast)—Ashley Ramkissoon—atm12306@gmail.com

  UR KIDS Infants—Linda Thomas—lctnana@aol.com

  UR KIDS Toddlers—Dandria Bradley—dfy3526@yahoo.com

  UR KIDS Preschoolers—Gloria Stock— gstock@unionroadchurch.org

  UR KIDS K-5 Lead Teacher—Cindy Giacobbe—cindyseaford@gmail.com 

  UR KIDS Club—Kelly Lott—klott8@icloud.com

  UR KIDS Coordinator—Ruth Frazier—rfrazier@unionroadchurch.org

Our Prayer is that our children will be leaders of righteousness, not followers of the world.

Gospel Project

Our church recently started walking through the Gospel Project curriculum together. Through this our children are able to experience a Christ-centered chronological journey. 

We believe that through our children learning the word of God at a young age, they will be able to develop a walk with Christ that will only grow stronger as they age.